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Hydrofoiler SL3


Product Awards

A genuine cycling experience on water

Manta5’s sole objective has been to recreate the feeling of cycling on water with a design that prioritises speed, agility, and precision handling. The new SL3 Hydrofoil Bike breaks away from conventional water bikes that utilise pontoons or hulls, offering a revolutionary new ride experience.

Experience the thrill of a completely unique mode of water mobility elevated above the chop and swell. Features include patented deep water hydrofoil launching technology, 10 levels of electric assist coupled with throttle override and quick connection parts for super easy transport and storage. In less than an hour of practise majority of people become a confident water rider.

Are you ready for a new adventure?

Get ready to explore over 70% of the world’s surface. 


Designed for the toughest conditions

The SL3 doesn’t just handle the chop and swell, it turns those conditions into a playground for thrill seekers. Hydrofoils lift you above the short wind chop and the reduced drag allows you to pierce over and down swell. 

Adding to the throttle and additional motor power all SL3s come standard with free spinning propellers.


A guaranteed thrill for experienced riders.

Carrying the SL3 past a lock in Scotland

Loved globally, supported locally.

We have teamed up with Manta5, the creators of the Hydrofoil Bikes, to give you the best local support.

Industry leading features


A world of new adventures

The Manta5 SL3 Hydrofoil Bike opens up unlimited new cycling challenges. For example with the right planning, approvals and support, cycling across the English Channel has now become a reality.


Plan your new adventure now.

An English channel crossing

A radical evolution in cycling

Throttle overide

Throttle Override

Modular design for transport and storage

Modular Design for In-car Transport

Electric assist

Variable Electric Assist

Toolless detachable battery

Toolless Detachable Battery

Long ride time

Up to 4.5 Hours Ride Time

Carbon fibre foils

Carbon Fibre Foils

Easy launch technology

Easy Launch Technology

IP67 rated

IP67 Motor and Housing

Three variants to choose from

Ride duration

One of the longest ride duration of any electric foiling product.

Ride Duration

Chop and swell capabilities

Handles rolling swell and choppy conditions. The SL3 ‘slices’ through tougher conditions than conventional SUPs, kayaks and most personal watercraft.


Ultra low maintenance, no high wear drive components like on most bicycles.

Simple hose wash down after salt water riding.

Service after 200 hours of riding using common hand tools.

Parts weight

Chassis: 10.1 kg | 22 lbs
Drive Train: 13.9 kg | 30 lbs
FC2 Rear foil: 5.8 kg | 12.5 lbs
HE2 Carbon rear foil: 2.9 kg | 6 lbs
Hydropack 1000 Battery: 8.6 kg | 19 lbs
Hydropack 600 Battery: 7.1 kg | 15.5 lbs
Tiller and front foil: 1.9 kg | 4 lbs

Added modularity to the SL3 has reduced the overall carry weight with the heaviest module being 13.9kg (30pounds)


Speeds vary based on ride conditions, rider weight & ability

Coming soon: Speed foil & propeller targeting increases to top end speed

Top-end speed: 20 kph | 12 mph
Cruising speed: 11 kph | 7 mph
Minimum speed: 6 kph | 4 mph

Hire market durability

New hardwearing monocoque chassis, a new robust drivetrain and fully sealed gearboxes are designed with commercial hire operators in mind.

Battery charge time

Hydropack 1000 Battery: 5 hours
Hydropack 600 Battery: 3 hours

Assembled dimensions

1.4 m High x 2 m Wide x 2.2 m Long  |  4.5 ft High, 6.5 ft Wide, 7.2 ft Long

Transport & Storage

The SL3 Hydrofoil Bike features quick connection parts that breaks the bike into 5 sub-assemblies. Easy storage and transport in-car and carry to the water by hand.


Join a growing community of UK riders

Thousands of cycling and watersports enthusiasts worldwide have tested and loved the SL3 Hydrofoil Bike. Get in touch to find out where to ride it near you and join the growing community of water riders.


The Loch Ness

We took the SL3 for a journey through the most iconic and intrepid Scottish Loch, in the search for the legendary monster and, of course, an epic adventure.


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