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The SCUBAJET PRO All-in-One Kit - the world's smallest and most versatile water jet system.


The result of meticulous craftsmanship, blending cutting-edge technology with unmatched performance. Tailored expressly for water enthusiasts who crave the complete experience, this kit opens the door to exploration, including swimming, snorkelling, diving, kayaking and stand-up paddling.


With its 1,000W PRO jet engine, it propels you through the water at speeds reaching up to 11km/h (7mph).


Powered by 200Wh Smart Batteries™, these batteries meet airline regulations for carry-on use and provide an impressive 40 minutes of battery life when cruising at 35% of full speed.



Scubajet PRO All In One Kit

  • The Scubajet All In One Kit includes:


    • Scubajet Pro motor unit
    • Pro tube and nose cone
    • 2 x 100Wh smart batteries
    • Battery charging pod
    • Power supply cable
    • Dual hand control unit
    • Remote control (RC) watch
    • RC wireless charger
    • RC Mount
    • Bluetooth link unit
    • Finbox adapter
    • Safety leash


    Price includes UK Import Tax, VAT and Delivery to the UK mainland

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