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Crafted for adventure and ocean enthusiasts, it’s your ultimate companion to elevate your diving and snorkelling experience.

A 1,000W jet engine propels you effortlessly through the water, reaching speeds of up to 2m/s beneath the ocean’s surface.

Powered by 200Wh Smart Batteries™, compliant with airline regulations (carry-on approved), it offers up to 40 min. of battery run time at a cruising speed of 35%.

Scubajet PRO Dive Kit

  • The Scubajet PRO Dive Kit includes:

    •Scubajet Pro motor unit

    •Pro tube and nose cone

    •2 x 100Wh smart batteries

    •Battery charging pod

    •Power supply cable

    •Dual hand control unit

    •Safety leash


    Standard 1 Year Warranty

    Price includes UK Import Tax, VAT and Delivery to the UK mainland

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