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Enhance your paddleboard or kayaking adventure with the SCUBAJET PRO SUP Kit!


Precisely designed for surface water enthusiasts, this package transports you to tranquil locations unexplored by the masses. The 1,000W SCUBAJET PRO propulsion system propels you at a speed of

11km/h (7mph) on the water.


Fueled by 200Wh Smart Batteries™, compliant with airline regulations (suitable for carry-on), it provides approximately 40 minutes of battery life at a cruising speed of 35%.

Scubajet PRO SUP Kit

  • The Scubajet PRO SUP Kit includes:

    •Scubajet Pro motor unit

    •Pro tube and nose cone

    •2 x 100Wh smart batteries

    •Battery charging pod

    •Power supply cable

    •Remote control (RC) watch

    •RC wireless charger

    •RC Mount

    •Bluetooth link unit

    •Finbox adapter

    •Safety leash


    Standard 1 Year Warranty

    Price includes UK Import Tax, VAT and Delivery to the UK mainland

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