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Overwater Kit - the world's smallest and most versatile water jet system


Attach to your SUP, canoe, or kayak. SCUBAJET will take you further than ever and gives you the confidence that you will be able to get back no matter what.

Scubajet PRO XR Overwater Kit

£2,495.00 Regular Price
£1,995.00Sale Price
  • The Scubajet PRO XR Overwater Kit includes: 


    • Scubajet Pro motor unit
    • Pro tube and nose cone
    • 4 x 100Wh smart batteries
    • Battery charging pod
    • Power supply cable
    • Dual hand control unit
    • Remote control (RC) watch
    • RC wireless charger
    • RC Mount
    • Bluetooth link unit
    • Finbox adapter
    • Safety leash


    Price includes UK Import tax, VAT and delivery to the UK mainland.

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